We have certain criteria/guidelines to be able to help someone.  


Helping Hands of Middleton is a community outreach organization that was formed with the desire to lift individuals or families out of desperate situations.  In turn, after helping someone get past their situation, the expectation is that those people that have received help will look for opportunities to help others.

Being that Helping Hand's mission statement is to “offer a hand up, not a hand out”, certain criteria must be met in order to extend assistance.  A few key items required are:

First, potential recipients must agree to meet with two leaders of Helping Hands to have their particular situation vetted.  This is necessary so that the leadership is able to accurately assess the situation so that it meets the goal of the organization.  All discussions will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone outside of the leadership of the organization.

Second, if the assistance the recipient requires is monetary in nature, the person or persons have to have some type of income to prevent a recurrence of the problem.  Examples would be a job, a grant, or some other type of steady income.

 Help offered would be intended as a onetime only hand up.  Helping Hands will not be put into a situation where ongoing assistance is promised or expected.  The goal here is to get someone back on their feet so that they can get on with their life and not be dependent on outside assistance.

Assistance offered is not conditional on a person's race, ethnic background, sex or religious beliefs.  They, however, must be a permanent resident of the greater Middleton area as to be determined by the leadership of Helping Hands.

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Helping Hands is a Ministry of Canyon Springs Christian Church of Middleton, ID.