HOW YOU CAN HELP?


     + Donate to the yard sale.

      + Help with the yard sale.

       +Be aware of those in need and tell us.

        +Become an associate member.

       +Become a contributor.

       + Become a Partner/volunteer.



    Helping Hands invites everyone, regardless of their race, background, or religious beliefs to work together along side Helping Hands, for the betterment of Middleton and the immediate surrounding area.    


    * Made home livable for a disabled veteran and her daughter.
* Sent a diabetic child to camp.
* Cleared debris from the backyard of a senior citizen recovering from  surgery.
* Helped a young couple restore water, gas, and electricity to their home.
* Chained down wooden benches at a Middleton Middle School.
* Emergency rent assistance to relocate a single Mom with kids.